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Optimize Bar Operations.
Maximize Bartender Efficiency.
Exponentially Increase Cocktail Profitability.

Resort operators, restauranteurs, hoteliers, casino executives, nightclub management companies and bar owners have two things in common with Rideout Hospitality. Each of us strive to streamline operations and maximize profitability. We believe money is the byproduct of success. Our consulting methodology and training programs are ultra-successful and highly sought after Rideout Hospitality will increase your ROI, maximize efficiency, and stream line operations. Each consultant is the leading expert in their sector of hospitality. We are widely considered the best Casino, Resort, Restaurant, Nightclub, and Bar consultants in the United States. We are the best because we work with the best. Each consultant is the best at what they do. Working together, Rideout Hospitality Consultants identify problems, create long term sustainable solutions, implement operating procedures and increase your ROI. We deliver results and want to work with you. We take on projects of all size and there are no projects we pass up. If you need assistance, Rideout Hospitality is here to assist you.

Rideout Restaurant, Culinary, Nightclub, Mixology, and Bar Consultants

Our consultants are an elite restaurant, nightclub, and bar experts specializing in all aspects of concept development, design, construction, training, and operations. Each consultant is widely considered the top 1% of professional experts in the Hospitality Industry. Rideout Hospitality consultants derive their expertise from owning, opening and operating world-class award-winning restaurants, Iconic nightclubs, and bars across the United States, Mexico, and the Bahamas. Our concept development grand opening cortical path is ultracasual. It’s an empire-building blue print and your foundation for long-term sustainable profitability. Hire us to articulate your vision, develop your concept, write your training manuals, conduct your training programs, streamline operations and maximize your ROI.

Critical Path to Success and Profitability

Our Critical Path to Success and Profitability is a crash course into ownership and operations. Rideout Hospitality creates custom critical paths specific to the size and scope of your project. Critical Path creation and execution is our most sought after service. Clients retain our consultants to create their path, execute their action items and maximize their profitability. Preston Rideout is the “Nick Sabin of Nightlife.” Nick Sabin’s playbook wins National Championships for Alabama. Preston’s Critical Path is your Playbook streamline operations and increase your ROI.

Operation Audit and Expert Assessment

If your Restaurant, Nightclub, or Bar is experiencing cash flow problems and decreased profitability, we offer a three day 5 step operation audit. Our consultants identify problems in real-time and create sustainable solutions to ensure long term profitability and increased ROI. Rideout Hospitality Assessments are ultra-successful, highly sought after and exponentially profitable.

New Concept Development

Rideout Hospitality is your one-stop shop for new concept development. Our custom concept development programs breathe life into your new Restaurant, Nightclub, or Bar. Our 3 component concept development service articulates your vision, creates your concepts then outlines a strategy for development and execution. What you believe, Rideout Hospitality can conceive. Hire us to help you achieve your new concept.

Service Areas

Streamline operations, maximize efficiency, implement standard operating procedures, reduce risk, decrease operating cost, and increase profitability with our onsite operation audit and expert assessment and offsite remote monitoring.

We create custom training manuals and conduct comprehensive training programs for ownership, management, bartenders, barbacks, security, and servers. Our custom manuals, comprehensive training, and meticulous testing is revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Our “Do, Show, Tell” training techniques are light years ahead of current methods of training.

We’ve designed hundreds of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Our consultants solve structural problems before they become operational problems. We don’t design bars. We build “Bartender Cockpits.” Our underbar equipment placement is purposeful and our “Bartender Cockpits are powerful. Rideout Hospitality designs streamline every aspect of your operation.

Prolific party pioneers, elite operators, and iconic nightlife management companies operate ultra-successful restaurants, bars, and nightclubs without selling alcohol. The secret to their success is selling an experience.

We offer financial guidance by providing immediate insight into your inventory, ordering, product line, pricing, and POS reports. Armed with this information, we will create a profit snapshot of your restaurant, nightclub, or bar.
A strategic partnership with Rideout Hospitality is powerful and highly profitable. We strive to create long term relationships and prefer partnerships over short term consulting contracts. As partners, your problems become our problems. Fortunately, we identify problems before they occur and respond swiftly with a solution. We believe working together is the best way to build an empire. Partner with us and prepare for streamlined operations, solution based management and increased profitability.

Each consultant is an expert specific to their sector of hospitality. We provide Expert Witness Opinions, Reports, Testimony, and Litigation Support specific to Dram Shop, Intoxication, Responsible Alcohol Service, Bartender Training, Security Training, Use of Force, Assault, Intoxication Mechanical Bull Operations, CO2 Cannon Operations, Hotel Bars, Resort Bars, Premise Liability, Liquor Liability, and Industry Standard Operating Procedures