Operation Audit and Profit Optimisation


Welcome to Rideout Hospitality Restaurant, Nightclub, and Bar Consulting. We succeed where other fail because our methodology employs world-class operators and elite consultants. with problems plaguing the Hospitality Industry. Contact Rideout Hospitality and speak with Preston Rideout to learn more about our Concept Development, Restaurant Rescue, Next Level Nightlife, Bar Operations, Profit Optimization, Operating Audits, Custom Training Manuals, Employee Training Programs, Strategic Partnerships and DRAM Shop Expert Witness Testimony.  

20 Point Bar Operations Audit

Pricing & Profitability Audits

Money is the byproduct of success but math is the cornerstone for creating cash flow. We love math and hate financial speculation. Casino Executives, Resort Operators, Restaurant Investors, Nightclub Management Companies, and Bar owners engaging in speculation are playing high-risk roulette with your ROI. Rideout Hospitality Consultants are ultra-successful at what they do because they take calculated risks based on math. Numbers don’t lie and neither do we. Fact-based math is your foundation for profitability. Financial speculation is simply an opinion based on a feeling. Unfortunately, you can’t deposit your feelings. Banks only accept cash. Our Pricing Audit and Profitability Assessment creates Cash Flow.

95% of other Consultants simply look at the financials and tell you that you are losing money. Rideout Hospitality is comprised of the remaining 5% of consultants who actually examine your financials with meticulous attention to detail. We calculate

Forensic Accounting and Financial Audit

Our forensic accounting and financial audit will document and demonstrate theft, cash handling, tip misappropriation, credit card manipulation, cash due verse cash deposit If you’re missing money, we can find it, track down who took it, reveal how it was taken, and when it was taken. Numbers don’t lie and neither do we. Retain Rideout Hospitality and let us help you mitigate the misappropriation of your funds in the future.