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Most restaurants, nightclubs, bar operations, and hotel bar programs are leaving money on the table. Quite often, owners, investors, and executives blame bartenders and criticize management for poor oversight. We believe this is the path of least resistance. Owners, investors, and executives blaming bartenders and criticizing management are wrong 99% of the time. The best way to maximize liquor ROI and increase profitability per cocktail is to build systems and procedures. Leaving money on the table is the unintended consequence of not creating systems, implementing procedures, and executing oversight. Every Restaurant, Nightclub, and Bar owner who does not provide employees the information they need to operate with maximum efficiency is destined to fail. We mitigate failure by providing standard operating procedures, writing training manuals, and creating training programs. Ask yourself, does your Restaurant, Nightclub, Bar, or Beverage Program have a systematic workflow, are your bar operations streamlined, are your bartenders creating cocktails with maximum efficiency, what are your opening procedures and what are your closing procedures. If your answer is No, we are 100% your employees don’t know either, Contact us today and stop leaving money on the table tonight.

5 Step Operations Audit and Expert Assesment

By default, anyone with $250K can buy a restaurant, nightclub, or bar. However, buying simply infers ownership and has nothing to do with operations. Long term sustainable success requires owners to become operators. We believe the difference between owners and operators hinges upon the amount of time spent inside your venue. If you have to be present all day, every day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 12 months in a year you don’t own a restaurant, nightclub, or bar. It owns you. Ultra-successful operators all have something in common. They open to close, have standard operating procedures, training manuals, training programs, and cocktail creation ingredient guides. Each system is a single component. The combination of these components creates a foundation for freedom. Operators are free to come and go as they please. Unlike restaurant, nightclub, and bar owners, operators don’t always have to be present to operate at maximum efficiency. Every Rideout Hospitality Consultant is an Expert Operator with previous ownership experience. Our 5 Step audit examines every aspect of your operation to determine what’s working and what’s not working. Armed with this insight, our consultants will create an assessment comprised of solutions plaquing your operation.


Articulate Your Vision On Site

We meet with you to articulate your vision, establish goals and create at timeline for completion


Distinguish The Difference Between Dreams and Goals

Dreams are wishful thinking comprised of no actionable information or timeline for completion. Goals are strategic thoughts comprised of action information coupled with a timeline for completion. We strongly encourage our clients to “Dare To Dream” but distinguish the difference between dreams and goals.


Observation Insight into Operations

We meet with you to discuss and distinguish your primary and secondary problems. If you’re not sure, we’ll discover them during the audit.


Strategic Deployment and Action Plan Execution

Rideout Hospitality employs Strategic Deployment by priority because it’s the best way to streamline your operation. We Execute by line item because it provides an outstanding framework for creating standard operating procedures. We are 100% certain the combination of Deployment and Execution creates cash flow.


Real-Time Results

Our 5 Step Operation Assessment is ambitious, meticulous, and unconventional. We dare to dream because we desire to deliver. Owners who measure results by calculating metrics based on erroneous industry benchmarks are better off watching Bar Rescue because they are destined to fail like Jon Taffer. The day you became our client is the day you became an empire-building operator. Rideout Hospitality believes ROI and increased profitability are phenomenal financial barometers but fail to gauge real-time results. Achieving streamlined operations and executing standard operating procedures determine your real-time results.

Forensic Accounting and Financial Audit

Our forensic accounting and financial audit will document and demonstrate theft, cash handling, tip misappropriation, credit card manipulation, cash due verse cash deposit If you’re missing money, we can find it, track down who took it, reveal how it was taken, and when it was taken. Numbers don’t lie and neither do we. Retain Rideout Hospitality and let us help you mitigate the misappropriation of your funds in the future.

Contact Rideout Hospitality and speak with Preston Rideout for more information about our Forensic Accounting and Financial Audit services.

Pricing & Profitability Audits

Money is the byproduct of success but math is the cornerstone for creating cash flow. We love math and hate financial speculation. Casino Executives, Resort Operators, Restaurant Investors, Nightclub Management Companies, and Bar owners engaging in speculation are playing high-risk roulette with your ROI. Rideout Hospitality Consultants are ultra-successful at what they do because they take calculated risks based on math. Numbers don’t lie and neither do we. Fact-based math is your foundation for profitability. Financial speculation is simply an opinion based on a feeling. Unfortunately, you can’t deposit your feelings. Banks only accept cash. Our Pricing Audit and Profitability Assessment creates Cash Flow.

95% of other Consultants simply look at the financials and tell you that you are losing money. Rideout Hospitality is comprised of the remaining 5% of consultants who actually examine your financials with meticulous attention to detail. We calculate

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