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Welcome to Rideout Hospitality Restaurant, Nightclub, and Bar Consulting. We succeed where other fail because our methodology employs world-class operators and elite consultants. with problems plaguing the Hospitality Industry. Contact Rideout Hospitality and speak with Preston Rideout to learn more about our Concept Development, Restaurant Rescue, Next Level Nightlife, Bar Operations, Profit Optimization, Operating Audits, Custom Training Manuals, Employee Training Programs, Strategic Partnerships and DRAM Shop Expert Witness Testimony.  

Restaurant Branding

Articulate Your Vision and Create Your Concept

Rideout Hospitality Consulting has created countless ultra-successful marketing campaigns across the United States, Mexico, and the Bahamas. Superior marketing begins with exceptional service. The most successful restaurants, bars, and nightclubs do not sell alcohol and food. They sell an experience. Creating an unforgettable customer experience is the catalyst for igniting grassroots marketing. We can help you with every phase of your marketing and branding strategy from brand development to online and offline advertising.

Social Media Marketing

How will your brand be perceived in the market? The tangible elements of your brand includes the products, the look, packaging, etc. The intangible elements are the experiences and relationships that your customers share with your brand. We can work with you in all phases of brand development and management.

Brand Positioning Statement

Our brand management services start with creating your brand positioning statement. The statement captures the underlying meaning of your brand in just a few words. A good statement combines your story (why you’re in business) and your promise (why your products or services matter).

Brand Experience

We conduct comprehensive onsite bartender training for restaurants, bars, resorts, lounges, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, and nightclubs. First, we audit your current training materials then customize new materials to reflect your bar. Our training covers everything an efficient and customer service driven bartender should know.

Brand Essence

Professional, quirky, laid-back, or audacious – every business has a different tone or “flavor.” Defining and refining how your customers perceive you is essential to your brand development. What feelings do you want your customers to leave with?

Your Unique Value Proposition

Your UVP brings together everything your customers expect in their experience with your brand. The quality of service, the "feeling" you provide, and the quality of your drinks and food

Website Design

Customers that don’t find you through friend recommendations will be finding you online. It’s essential for your business success that potential customers can easily find you and understand what you’re offering. Your website is the online version of your business. When a customer visits your website, in a matter of seconds they should understand your brand and your unique value proposition. A good website will be professionally designed, developed, and have professional sales messaging.

Characteristics of Good Websites

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Once your website is set up, you’ll want to optimize opportunities for customers to find you online. Our SEO experts create a plan based on your location, brand, and service that will allow online users to find you organically through Google searches. For example, if you’re operating a nightclub in Miami with a great dance atmosphere when users search Google using a keyword phrase like “Miami Dance Nightclubs” your nightclub will show up on the search results page.

Social Media Management

Along with your website, you’ll need various social media ad campaigns to reach your target audience. We have designers and copywriters that can create campaigns that will engage customers online and incentivize them to visit your establishment in person. We can utilize any social media platform that makes sense for your restaurant, bar, or nightclub.


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Our Bar Operations services are highly sought after among Hospitality Management Companies, Casinos, Cruise Ships, Country Clubs, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars. Each bar consultant is an elite operator with decades of experience. Our concept creation, development, profit optimization, operating audits, custom training manuals, signature cocktails, and strategic partnerships are wildly successful because our programs work and we deliver results. Contact Rideout Hospitality today and speak with Preston Rideout to learn more about our bar programs