Welcome to Rideout Hospitality Restaurant, Nightclub, and Bar Consulting. We succeed where other fail because our methodology employs world-class operators and elite consultants. with problems plaguing the Hospitality Industry. Contact Rideout Hospitality and speak with Preston Rideout to learn more about our Concept Development, Restaurant Rescue, Next Level Nightlife, Bar Operations, Profit Optimization, Operating Audits, Custom Training Manuals, Employee Training Programs, Strategic Partnerships and DRAM Shop Expert Witness Testimony.  


Whether you’re brand new or already established, a strategic partnership with Rideout Restaurant and Bar Consulting can give you the long term support you need for sustained profitability. For many clients maintaining an ongoing relationship with us is the best way to fill in the gaps for weak areas of their operation and ensure consistent long term success and stability.

Management Contracts

Rideout Restaurant and Bar Consulting works closely with hospitality investors, resorts, bar owners, and restaurant operators to establish operating stability. We can oversee all aspects of your operation, reduce risk, decrease cost, and increase profitability. Management contract services can include:

Turnaround Services

Does your operation need hands-on emergency stabilization? We stabilize single-units, multi-units, chains, restaurants, resorts, hotels, nightclubs and bars. We employ a proven strategy with documented success by employing smart accounting, implementing cost controls, calculating break even, and restructuring pricing strategies to maximize profitability. This approach creates a unified call to action for investors, owners, operators, management, bartenders, servers, FOH and BOH team members to ensure a successful turnaround. Turnaround services include:

1. Conduct Concept Assessment
2. Conduct P&L Analysis
3. Conduct POS Forensic Accounting
4. Calculate Pricing and Profitability
5. Implement cash handling systems
6. Implement drink production systems
7. Implement cost control system
8. Implement inventory system
9. Implement sales building system
10. Establish Turn Around Success Metrics
11. Establish Time Line Success Metrics
12. Participate in Operations
13. Provide immediate stabilization
14. Provide Exit Strategy