Custom Training, Testing and Execution

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Custom Training Manual Creation and Comprehensive Training Programs

Your operation is only as good as your least productive employee. When employees have gaps in their training their performance suffers, and your profitability suffers. Everyone you hire for your operation should be hired because they are trainable. From there it’s up to you to ensure they are prepared to perform their duties.

Custom Training Manual Creation

When you provide your employees with the right guidance and clear instructions they will perform 99% of the time. If your operation does not have a custom employee handbooks and training manuals your operation has no reference point, no accountability, and the door is open for employees to make excuses. Rideout Restaurant and Bar Consulting creates custom manuals specific to the nuances of your operation.
We’ve written hundreds of handbooks and training manuals. Unlike other generic manuals, our manuals reflect a meticulous attention to detail including acceptable and unacceptable standards, personal appearance, uniforms, proactive service, and much more. We create custom manuals specific to your operation.

Management Training and Development

We provide management training and development programs for all levels of management, directors, and owners. We customize our management training program for specific individual positions. Position specific training includes:

Bartender Training and Development

We conduct comprehensive onsite bartender training for restaurants, bars, resorts, lounges, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, and nightclubs. First, we audit your current training materials then customize new materials to reflect your bar. Our training covers everything an efficient and customer service driven bartender should know.

Server Training and Development

Comprehensive onsite server training covers everything an efficient and customer service focused bartender should know.

Culinary Training and Development

Food Sanitation Training, Testing and Certification are required nationwide. RBC will coordinate or conduct your food sanitation training.

Alcohol Awareness Training

Alcohol Awareness Training, testing and certification are required nationwide. RBC will coordinate or conduct your employee training.

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