You may have a state of the art operation, the best employees in the business, and a menu that is loved by your customers. The reality is all of that is not enough for sustained long term success. Your behind the scenes operations need to be airtight to keep your establishment profitable. This means your business plan needs to be bulletproof. Your accounting systems should be optimized and automated. Your administrative department should be seamlessly integrated with your operation.

If you’re just starting out or would like to tighten your operation’s loose ends Rideout Restaurant & Bar Consulting has the knowledge and experience to prepare your operation for sustained financial and administrative success.

Business Plans

Business plans are essential to running a successful operation and getting needed capital from investors and banks. Writing a business plan can be a challenge, to say the least. Your business plan is your playbook from which your operation will make decisions and succeed or fail. We can show you where it is most important to focus your attention and apply your resources. We can build you a 30-page business plan in less than thirty days.

Business plans include:

Financial Feasibility

After completing your business plan, calculating profitability, and forecasting viability, we will conduct a comprehensive feasibility study. The most important decision you will ever make in the restaurant and bar business is selecting a location. It’s all about location, location, location! We will find the best location for your concept. We’ll construct your feasibility plans in less than 30 days. Upon completion, we provide a hardback 3 ring feasibility binder with electronic copies on a flash drive.

Feasibility documents will include:

Competitive Market Analysis
Our competitive market analysis is the cornerstone of your foundation for success in the restaurant and bar business. Our analysis generates detailed reports that exceed the industry standard. Our expert consultants couple critical marketplace information with competitor data to deliver the information you need to make an informed decision.
Human Resources
Need help with human resources? Let us write your employee handbook training manuals and create testing material. We provide job descriptions, guidelines, standard operating procedures and discipline documents. Our bar consultants can create systems for point of sale training, cash handling, risk management, alcohol awareness, loss prevention, and workplace violence.
Permits & Licensing
We work with your attorney on your behalf in obtaining new or transferred licenses and permits. We understand the importance of local, state and federal regulation compliance. Rideout Bar Consulting achieves compliance by implementing standard operating procedures, providing training and administering testing.